Step By Step Guide On How To Make Paper Quilling Flowers

Quilling, which also goes by the name of paper filigree, involves rolling, scrolling, and then shaping strips of paper into beautiful designs. Quilling is not something new. In fact, it has been in use since as far back as the 15th century.

This is a hobby that is not difficult to learn, and it also doesn’t cost a lot. Here is a step by step guide on how to make paper quilling flowers.

What You Will Need

If you are beginner, you may already have some of the supplies lying around your house. You will need craft glue, paper strips, and a few straight pins that you will use to hold your project down. If you would like to invest in your hobby here is a list of tools you can buy:

To make your paper flowers you are going to need:

• Paper strips approximately 12 inches in length and 3/8 inches in width

• Needle quilling tool

• Slotted quilling tool

• Wax paper

• Tweezers

• Toothpicks

• Straight pins

• Scissors

• Paper trimmer

• Quilling board

Step One: How To Construct Daisy Petals

This part of the project requires 6 strips of white paper. To make your first petal, take the edge of one strip of white paper and then insert into the provided slot on your slotted-quilling tool. With the tool in one hand between your index finger and thumb turn the tool around until the paper starts to wind over the tip.

The next step involves pulling the coiled paper from this tool and place it inside one of the circles on your quilling board. Allow the paper to unwind until it reaches the same size as the circle. If the template board you are using has circles that are sized in inches, the 1-inch circle is the best template to make your petals.

Take your coiled paper out of the template followed by gluing one end of the strip and then leaving it to dry. From here you can squeeze the coil into any shape that you like.

Step Two: How To Make Teardrop Shapes

To form a teardrop shape from your paper coil, first gently pull the center of the coil downwards. Now pinch 1 side of your circle to create a point.

The paper coil will now look like a teardrop. Make 6 of these teardrop shapes which will make up the petals of a quilled daisy.

Step Three: Making The Center Of The Daisy

The center of your first daisy will require 2 strips of paper and your slotted tool. Thread one side of a paper strip inside the slot. Now turn the tool while making sure that you maintain tension.

Once you have created your center use your craft glue on one end of your paper strip and allow the paper to dry. Leave the coil inside the tool while you are waiting for the paper to dry.

Now use a small amount of glue over your rolled coil and use the next strip of paper, making sure you line it up with the end part of your 1st strip. Roll the next strip of paper onto your coil, and then apply glue to other end of your 2nd paper strip. Once the glue has dried, you can remove your rolled paper from your slotted tool.

Step Four: Glue The Quilled Shapes Together

Arrange your 6 petals (teardrop shapes) around your paper coil in order to create the shape of a flower. Glue each teardrop to the coil as well as each side of the teardrop shapes. It can be helpful to use a few straight pins to make sure your quilled rolls stay in place while the glue dries.

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